My grandfather’s wife always mentioned about the turquoise color of the #sea water when she went out on vacations to #Biarritz; this mentioning was retained in my memory, so when we were traveling through the north of Spain, after having breakfast at San Sebastián, we drove towards the border and at mid-morning we had arrived to Biarritz.

I could see many old buildings surrounding the #beach, imagining in which of them my grandparents could have stayed.

The previous night it poured water, but today we had a beautiful clear sky that tainted the #Cantabrian Sea with intense #blue #color.

There was a small #island adjacent to the beach, connected by a bridge that took you towards a balcony that overlooked large rock #formations near the beach.

I had left my tripod in the car, so I had to use the fence surrounding the balcony as a support. Fortunately, I managed to stay steady and pictures came out well, as after scanning and using high magnification, you can see a small sail #boat on the horizon.

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