D076-3785_B & D085-4475_B & D076-3788_B


The following tree images were taken at home, in 2 different occasions, making totally different forms. 

It was an early winter morning; I was working at home and received a call on my mobile. Where I live, the signal is not very good, so I had to go outside to have a better reception. While speaking, I noticed the strange forms of #clouds that were #painting the blue #sky. They looked like sparks of #fireworks being created in the sky.

I had to rush and end the conversation, ran inside, got my camera; which in all took me a few minutes, during that time, the entire sky had changed from my initial view. It looks like a sky #carnival. The images were taken in color, but #Black and White honor the scene.

Again, an early morning taking a call outside, after seeing the #clouds I rushed to get my camera and made this different image (on the middle).

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