Terms & Conditions

All images are in series of 5, and customer will received a signed certificate from the photographer for each photograph purchased. It is recommended to contact the photographer on the link provided to define the details of your purchase.

Once received the order, you will be contacted to determine the type of paper, final size, optional white border, and if print will be laminated.

Images are printed in Chromogenic (Fujiflex or Kodak Metalic) in sizes up to 120 x 120 Centimetres (47 x 47 inches) for square images, 120 x 145 Centimetres (47 x 57 inches) for rectangular images and 120 x 80 Centimetres (47 x 31 inches) for images who’s number starts with a “D”.   All Color images can also be laminated upon request. 

Images are printed in Ilford fiber based paper in sizes up to 120 x 120 Centimetres (47 x 47 inches). Some image could have sizes up to 120 x 145 centimetres.

Images are printed in canvas using a pigment-based printer in sizes up to 110 x 110 Centimetres (43 x 43 inches).

Images will be shipped from the USA via a courier.