Water has always captured my attention since I can recall; it is a vital element for excellence and it gives life. Our planet has about 1.384 million of cubic kilometers of water, but only 36 of these are potable. I have chased water for more than four decades using my faithful Rollei camera, traveling to more than 30 countries in three different continents, having all the hustles of passing a lot of gear through customs and avoiding the x-rays that damage the film, specially when I have many flight stops.

On an early age I started painting, influenced by Vincent Van Gogh. But then I discovered the camera, followed by my admiration for Ansel Adams´s work. I started photographing applying his technique, but I have developed my own color version specially related to Water. For a while, using technology, I entered the grounds of the Sabattier Effect with digital solarization.

My favorite places are National Parks, where I capture the images on 6×6 film (slides/B&W). After processing, all my work is digitalized at a very high resolution, dust cleaning and no modification is done, maintaining only its original capture.

In order to have the feeling I had while taking them, I suggest you should view the images listening Classic Rock music with a glass of wine. By the way, each image has a story which can be read in my book  Water.

Gonzalo Contreras del Solar