The site gcs Photo is about Gonzalo Contreras del Solar work who is devoted to portraying photography of Water since 1977.

About the Element

Water has always captured my attention since I can recall; it is a vital element for excellence, which gives life. Our planet has about 1.384 million of cubic kilometers of water, but only 36 of these are potable.


I have chased water since early 70s using my faithful 6×6 Rollei. Traveled to more than 40 countries in three different continents. Had all the hustles to pass my gear through customs and avoiding the x-rays that could damage the film (especially infrared film). These encountered issues are now history, today images are instant with no need to wait sometimes weeks to see the results.

At an early age I started painting, influenced by the Impressionisms such as Vincent Van Gogh. Later I discovered in our basement a full photographic lab, that changed my life. All this equipment belonged to my father. The first impression I had seeing the image forming on a white paper during development, may not be understood nowadays.

I was entertained printing photographs from old negatives, however it would take some time before started taking pictures with a Leica belonging to my father as well. On a trip to NY I bought a Yashica camera that would be around while at University.

Defining Moment

The turning point happens when National Geographic published a book of their best photographs. Along with the book came a guide to take photographs created by the NG photographers. It gave me the basics and, followed by photography lessons. On my learning path, I learned about Ansel Adams mastery and technique, which took me years understanding it.

The admiration towards Water comes also from my early age. While traveling to our summer house, the road passed through many waterfalls, including one that fell over the road, think it was called “La lágrima” the tear.

Technique of Water Photography

The combination of Vincent colors, Ansel mastery and water, forged my vision and technique towards photography of Water. I started applying his technique mainly in color photographs and from time to time without black and white. At one point, I entered the grounds of the Sabattier Effect with digital solarization, with images under Surreal.

My favorite places are national parks, glaciers and highlands. I still capture images on 6×6 film, however I am taking full advantage of new pixel intensive digital cameras; both that allow me to print in large sizes.

To perceive the feeling I had photographing, suggest viewing my photographs listening to Rock music with a glass of wine. 

By the way, each image has a story which can be read in my Blog or the book Water”or just see images on the folio Favola.