In a moulin at Grey Glacier

In a moulin at Grey Glacier

These are images in a moulin at Grey Glacier.

The teardrop

For a long time, my wife and I were planning to visit Torres del Paine National Park. It is one of the most beautiful parks in Chile. Due to its proximity to the South Pole, the weather is unpredictable. I received all sorts of recommendations on when to go there: almost every month of the year.

Reviewing AccuWeather I saw the satellite map that a cold front was about to hit the South of the continent.  Gambled that after it, we would have good weather and was right: we had one entire week of clear sky.
While taking the ship to the glacier,  discovered a group that was going to trek through the glacier. I had to be part of it. In this opportunity, Sergio E., one of the founders of Big Foot (the operator who makes these trips), came along. My wife decided not to go, I signed the waiver papers to trek the glacier, preparing myself for the adventure.

Sergio made sure I went to every cave and place where I could take the photographs. In this photograph, I am in the middle of a Moulin (a hole or tunnel in a glacier). My legs are wide open pressing the crampons against the ice walls trying not to fall. One hand holding the tripod that skated over the ice, and  the other hand changing rolls and lenses. The Lambda machine technician where I do my c-prints, had a hard time trying to match the blue color. The same issue occurred to me when generating the image to be published on my book.

Although I do not put names to my photographs (just a number), I baptized this one as “The Teardrop”.


This image is also taken at the moulin but looking into the opposite direction and had a different lighting condition. Did not continue taking pictures in the moulin as I could not feel my legs due to the cold and pain of standing in an awkward position.

Waiting for the rest of the group to arrive where I was taking the photographs, I visualized this body. Took images from many angles, this is the one I liked best. At day end we returned to the ship where we drank Scotch Whisky with the famous glacier ice. 

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