Kirkjubaelaklaustur falls

Kirkjubaelaklaustur falls

I took these images at the Kirkjubaelaklaustur falls.

I wanted to see the ice caves in Iceland, so I contracted a tour.

We were staying at a mountain hotel up north of Reykjavik. The tour gathering point was at 8AM, but about 5 hours’ drive.

If I was to arrive on time, I had to leave minimum at 3AM, assuming no contingency, as snow or ice.

To avoid this hustle, as I also wanted to take pictures from different waterfalls, I booked a hotel that was 20 minutes away from the gathering point. This made our trip to be relaxed,  most of the waterfalls were close to the tour meeting point. The sun would soon hide, so we drove towards the hotel near glacier Breiðamerkurjökull. On our way I saw the color of the water of these small waterfalls and stopped immediately.

The place is called  Kirkjubaelaklaustur falls.

Water had a light blue tint, that was illuminated by the low level of the sun in the horizon. 

I took this image with Velvia film, compared to the other 2 that I took with my digital  SonyA7R.

This low horizon sun gave pastel colors of the water as well as the nearby mountains painting them with orange/yellow.

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