Inner sea pastel colors

Inner sea pastel colors

These are images of inner sea pastel colors, that I took on our holidays on early 2017.

We were on the South of Chile with all the family near Puerto Varas town. Every day we prepared a different lunch and dinner menu, as well as the outings. After dinner, some nights we would all get in the wooden hot tub with our Champaign cups.

With my youngest daughter we decided to visit the Parque Nacional del Alerce Andino, where very large Larch trees grow. I had visited this park in 1991, on very rainy day, could not see much, in fact we didn’t see the larch trees. Worst the entire vacation rained.

On the road towards the park, passing through  Quillaipe I saw these seen of the inner sea with the perfect light. The road had no place to park, found an opening a few blocks away, walk back towards and entrance to the beach. It was difficult to walk as the entire beach was full of round stones that you see. Some of them had moss, so they were slippery.

People, children and parents were all digging and collecting small crabs from the sand. The 

I also discovered the far away the fish cages and the beautiful inner sea pastel colors.

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