Autumn at Santa Gabriela

Autumn at Santa Gabriela

I purchased our house about 30 years ago, and we would soon be preparing to pass Autumn at Santa Gabriela.

Construction was partially finished within a hectare (2.5 acres), no trees, just a small patch of grass around the house. I calculated the amount of grass seeds that I needed, and the cost was very high. A neighbor mentioned that I should revolve the earth with a tractor and wait for the autumn and winter rains.

He was correct, by the end of the winter, small grass plants started to grow. With the aid of the lawn motor, the garden started to look green. The explanation was that the water channels that are used to irrigate the land, bring the seeds.

Now we had a flat land with no trees, but all the small tree plans we bought got lost in the hectare. Buying each time more and planting them close together. When the trees grew, many were very close together.

Although I mainly take water photography, the intense the leaves captured my attention. I took the center image on a previous autumn.

I took these images during autumn at Santa Gabriela, which is the name of the zone. The trees at this time are only 4 autumns old.

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