Ice crystals on an early morning

Ice crystals on an early morning

These images of ice crystals on an early morning are at home.

As my water photography places are normally far away and need planning, I schedule only few outings during the year. During this time my equipment rests pleasantly, so whenever I have an opportunity, I don’t miss it.

We had a very dry year, with just a few rainy days, quite unnormal for the average. Although this unnormal situation is becoming a norm, its more than 5 years with little rain.

However, the zone where I live is very humid, this is because we have a hill close by. The winds coming from the south west come from the sea and bring humidity. The hill blocks the wind and the humidity stays, enabling vegetation to grow exuberant. Fog and morning dew cover everything, including these leaves. You cannot leave a towel hanging out during the night, as next day it will be completely wet.

This time it was during an early morning on a very cold winter. The trees and vegetation block the distant mobile antennas, so sometimes I need to take a call outside.   As I walked out toward the garage, found that the pathway was slippery, the humid due had frozen. Also, the nearby leaves had gathered the micro drops forming ice crystals, that captured my attention.

Ended the call and immediately took out my Sony A7R camera and Gitzo tripod. Plugged my macro lens that had purchased the year before, which was perfect for this occasion. While registering my vision, the sun illuminated the area.

I had enough time to take many images before the sun vanished in minutes all the ice crystals of the early morning.

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