Maullín adventure

Maullín adventure

The Maullín adventure is related our last family trip that we made this year. For the last few years, my family gathers in the South of Chile, close to Puerto Varas town.

The Maullín river is born as an outlet from the Llanquihue lake towards the south west and into the sea.

It crosses the property where we stay, with crystal clear water, quiet and calm, but with a very strong current.

The surroundings are green in many tones that combine with dark orange tree trunks that grown around the river shore. Late in the afternoon you see the trout jumping over the water, and some experts of fly fish.

After a few days of clear sky, we learned that a storm would come. Later that morning it rained, after it, placed my camera on the tripod and took images using B&W Ilford film.

The first and second image were made after the storm, so it had the clouds running away and water drops.

This last image is of a very large Nalca leaf (Gunnera Tinctoria), close to a meter in size (3 feet). These leaves are very thick and can resist heat. They are used when preparing the traditional dish of the region, “Curanto” (mix sea food, poultry, pork and sausages).  You basically make a hole in the ground and heat volcanic rocks. Food is places in layers and use the Nalca leaf to cover all. We prepared this dish during our Maullín adventure; however we did not use the Nalca leaf. The owner of the property placed many of these leaves around the house for decorative purposes.

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