La Parva Shapes

La Parva Shapes

On this opportunity I was with my Sony A7R.  and went to La Parva to take images of snow shapes.

Although I must confess that my initial intention was to take images of the small waterfall. It is a small river is located close to the ski center. The location is just 100 meters (330 feet) from the parking zone, so had no trouble taking my heavy gear.

It was winter again, however we had very little rain, which is snow in the high zones close to Santiago. The small waterfalls had no ice and nothing interesting to photograph. Made some images of the a few icicles hanging from a rock but did not like how they came out.

The light started to change and was able to visualize the shapes of La Parva hills. They made forms as if someone had  brushed them while painting. Even the small amount of fallen snow was enough to cover the terrain.

The images were taken in color, but digitally converted them to B&W, which gave a better interpretation of my feel.

I would return on year later to the same location where I made the color image, with a different interpretation of La Parva shapes.

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