My Santa Gabriela garden

My Santa Gabriela garden

These images are from my Santa Gabriela garden.

Since the lockdown started on March, I was not able to go out on my regular scouting for water photography. Although my web page had all images with the metadata, I had to do a full reconstruction of my webpage.  Used the latest theme version of WordPress and the Imagely plugins. This allowed me to have a webpage that adjusts its presentation to the device that is being used.

I re-edited all my blog posts to be SEO compliant whenever possible, adding some categories and tags that were missing. The re-writing of blog texts to be SEO is not an easy task, for which you have to re-cable your mindset to have paragraphs of less than 20 words, and on average 300 words.

This winter was different to the past decade, we had many days with rain. One morning after a night rain, while it was still cloudy, I had the perfect non contrast light. Decided to take images of plants that are at our house entrance that still had waterdrops, using B&W film. For this, I used an extension rings so the lens could be as close as possible allowing macro photography.

After 2 rolls, the sun came out producing harsh shadows, so the photography ended. Later that day, prepared chemicals, developed the film and the following morning scanned the best images. The cleaning process started, which I have mentioned in many blogs.

These are some of the images I took of succulents from garden entrance at Santa Gabriela.

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