Blog of Water Photography

Blog of Water Photography

I am starting the  Blog of Water Photography, I can finally say we are now live.

In This blog I will publish the story of each of my photographs. Hope you enjoy and share them with your friends.

To begin, although I had followed unconsciously the path to take water photography. This is one of my initial photographs that I have the negatives to reproduce them. It clearly has the Water imprint, I took it at Mexico, in a location called Chipinque adjacent to Monterrey city.

It was a cold December day, I was studding in Monterrey, they had told us that we should visit a place called Chipinque.  I was located in the Sierra Madre that can be seen from the city. This mountain range has a characteristic form of a letter “M”.

While driving back on a curve of the road I saw the frozen snow on this branch. At that time did not have a tripod and made the image handheld.

At that time I was using color negative film. A local laboratory developed and printed my rolls of films, the first image was a small post card size. Many years would pass until I found the negative and rescanned in high resolution, which allowed me to do a large print.

As we are now live, I will use this blog as diary to remember situations and places of my Water Photography.

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