Las Anguías

Las Anguías

Images from Las Anguías resort.

People have asked me how I started chasing water. Flashes of my childhood come to my mind, when I was about 9 years old. I used to go hunting with my father near the town of Chulumani y the Yungas Region. Instead of taking a gun, I took a very powerful binocular. I remained looking at distant waterfalls and small drops of water collected by the trees from mist and rain. I tried to take pictures of them by placing the binoculars in front of an old Kodak Brownie. The images never came out. 

On this occasion, we had a family reunion and decided to go to a small lodge at Las Anguías (Yungas region). I asked where the lodge got its water from, and they mentioned that there was a small waterfall nearby.

I took my elder son to the waterfall, on the trail there were plantations that looked like perfect stadium stairways. My son asked what the plantations on the hills were; I told him that they were coca leaves. On this path I found lianas that collected the morning mist giving this bouquet of droplets. They were similar to the view of what I saw on my childhood through the binoculars. 

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