Pongo waters

Pongo waters

These are images of Pongo waters

On a family vacation to Bolivia, we went to the Yungas region. The road from La Paz has a mountain crossing pass at an altitude of 4658 meters. It then has an abrupt descend of  1300 matter to the village of Unduavi via a zig-zag road, which will continue to the subtropics. The famous Road-of-the-death is in this zone.

The high mountains that  surround the valley have many streams of water that collect into one river. It will soon be called Río Unduavi, from this river there is a trout farm that uses the crystal clear waters, at the place called Pongo.

A few kilometers near Pongo, still at a high altitude of 3758 meters you have a must stop. There are a series of road dinning’s places, where you can eat, and the main dish is trout. Many truck drivers, as well as the people who come by bus, stop to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are open think 24 hours a day.

I took these images from a nearby stream, where the dinning’s collected the water they use. The intense blue sky tainted the image, which I had to compensate to achieve the natural color of Pongo waters.

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