City water flow cascades

City water flow cascades

While the lockdown, you could take these images of water flow cascades waking in your city.

On business trips when no travel restrictions were enforced, I left time for a weekend photography outing. This could be to a nearby national park or site seeing throughout the city.

Depending on the destination I would take my medium format camera with film or the digital camera, in this occasion I just went with my digital camera.

I arrived at NY on a Saturday night planning to visit B&H next day, however discovered it was closed due to a Jewish holiday.

The reason to for searching a photography store, was to purchase a lightweight carbon fiber tripod. So I was photographing handheld, as I did not bring the tripod because of the weight.  

I found a store near 5th Avenue, and on my way passing by the Citigroup Center building (now named 601 Lexington Avenue), on one of corners where the entrance is to the lower level stores, there were waterfalls cascading.

I normally would take images of water in its natural environment but found them worth registering. Working for Citibank I visited the building a few times but did not take the time to see them.

To photograph the water flow you need a tripod, which I did not have, so I use an adjacent railing. Made sure keep still while pressing the shutter button to register these city water flow cascades. On the first cascade I have left a person with its thoughts while watching the water movement.

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