Water drops at Chulumani

Water drops at Chulumani

This is an image of Water drops at Chulumani.

Late in 1955, my eyes peeped into the Blue planet; arriving to the city of La Paz in the high Andes
My love for Water would start in the small town of Chulumani in the Sub-Tropics of Bolivia. My father would take me out hunting with his friends to the nearby hills.

I was young and more interested in scanning the surroundings with a large binocular that he would carry to search for the hunting game. The silver colored water droplets clinging to leaves and tree branches captured my attention. The retina would register the scene for the years to come. I tried to register them using a Kodak camera, placing it behind the binoculars.

It was only when I went to college, that I started chasing and portraying Water with my cameras. This photograph was taken many years later when I returned to our summer house at Chulumani. The sun decided to paint the Water Drops that were left by a tropical rain.
It is a close representation of my vision when young of the Water drops at Chulumani.

I will share each weekend an image and the history behind of the images I publish. 

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