Vernal Falls at a close

Vernal Falls at a close

These are images of Vernal Falls at a close.

Ansel Adams inspired my photography. I had to see with my own eyes the park that he had taken the photographs I liked best: Yosemite. On my first trip I carried only color film, this second occasion I took also B&W. Those days we didn’t have digital technology to convert color images into B&W, we used just the Dark Room.

I was awaiting a job confirmation from a bank in Argentina. I called them from a pay phone in the middle of the park and heard “you got the job”. Happy that afternoon I walked to Vernal Falls with my elder son. Jumped out of the trail, placed a large tripod started taking photographs. For this image I had to cover with my jacket the camera as the waterfall mist would damage it.

Still out of the trail, had little time to take pictures as October light would soon go away. After taking Black and White photographs, I change the back with color film, and continued taking pictures. The sun came to my aid and painted the rainbow, helping me take the image of Vernal Falls at a close

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