Bridalveil Fall by infrared

 Bridalveil Fall by infrared

This image is of Bridalveil Fall by infrared

New trip to Yosemite, which this time was with 5 of children,  had to balance the vacation with my photography.

I wanted to take pictures of the Bridalveil Fall, but it was full of visitors like us. Had taken a large quantity of filmcolorBlack and White and infrared, which miraculously passed the x-rays without damage. Would loved capturing it with snow, but it was still autumn, could only see blue sky, rocks and green leaves.

On this process of balancing my photography with the family, I left them at the house named Cozy Bear that we rented at a small village that is located withing the park.

I took many images of the waterfall at a very short distance, registering mainly details, such as rocks and the water flow. Although I was happy with the numerous images I took, using Color and Black & White film, I wanted more. It was only when we returned to the parking zone that I found this view, which had to be registered in a different form. 

The white paint made by infrared film made Bridalveil Fall look special. Fortunately in Los Angeles I found a professional lab that developed the film in a couple of hours before we took our flight back.

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