Laguna de Aculeo by infrared

Laguna de Aculeo by infrared

This is an image I took at Laguna de Aculeo by infrared film.

I went on a Sunday to Laguna Aculeo which is located South of Santiago city. Visited many times and I had my particular spot. It was on a hill which had a vantage point of the lagoon, where I would most of my images. This winter rained heavily, leaving many places were flooded. I made this image of Laguna de Aculeo using infrared film.

The film captured the heat of the foliage as a white tone, mimiking snow. Today the water went away having an earthly look.

New modern cameras do not have the option to take infrared images. They need to adjusted by removing a filter placed in front of the image sensor. This is a very delicate process and few experts modify your camera at pricey cost. My friend tried to remove this filter, the outcome was an inoperative camera, forever.

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