Laguna de Aculeo

Laguna de Aculeo

These are images of Laguna de Aculeo, affected by Global Warming.

This was a very nice place near Santiago,  I used to take sunset photographs from a hill facing the lagoon. During a rainy winter the surrounding land was always flooded. While I heard the disturbing sound of the water bikes, I visualized this area of the lake.

In the process of waiting for the perfect light, I thought when I started taking photography seriously. Memories of the National Geographic best images book I bought in 1981 accompanied by a manual written by its photographers. It had all the information about concepts and techniques of photography.

This was a turning point in my photography; I began to read as many photographic books as I could. My daughters stayed with the booklet. However, The Best Photographs book is still we me, having traveled from Mexico to Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. This image was made with B&W film.

Today the lagoon is dry and has almost vanished. Again Global Warming was its partial intervention, as well as many housing projects that do understand have diverted water. Sadly this place should now be call Desierto (“desert”) de Aculeo instead of Laguna de Aculeo.

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