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The central image was published before, I am enclosing now it’s sister image.
We went on vacations to the #South of #Chile to the Island of #Chiloé, the colors used to be on a grey tint as it was constantly raining before the climate changed. This time we had blue sky, as it did not rain during the entire 14 days that we stayed. On a previous occasion I had searched for small #waterfalls, but I found none near the place we were staying, only a small lake named #Coihuin, the community decided not to use electricity and communications, as phone lines or cellular coverage.

On an early morning when all the family was sleeping I went out to the lake which at that time it looked like a mirror, the wind only appeared an hour later. I was Using a #Mamiya camera that my friend Jaime had borrowed and took #color images. 
I was not pleased how the color images came out and filed them. These are the  #Black and White images that gives the sense of tranquility.