Salinas de Pullally in B&W

Salinas de Pullally in B&W

These are images of Salinas de Pullally taken in B&W, that have and give a different perception of the location.

This zone is not known to many as the it is located in a private estate. The Chilean law do allow free access to anyone to the costal zones, however due to the harsh sea conditions, there is no beach or port of access.

These conditions make private the zone that has small ponds adjacent to the sea. The ponds are filled with sea water brought by the sea waves. The water is refreshed constantly, so you have clear water on them, but very cold. Our friend like to bathe in this cold water, I prefer just to take images, or go to the Caribbean.

On previous post I mentioned about these ponds that were filled with the debris of a mattress. The images I published before were all in color, these are in Black and White. The harsh sea waves that destroyed the mattress, the also polish and gives form to the rocks.

When I took these images it was a very calm day, with little wind, letting the ponds to become mirrors. Although the rocks were colorful, the monochrome view enhances the aging of time on them. 

These ponds are free of the mattress debris, which still roam after 7 years since I first saw them. Will travel this summer COVID permitting to see the Salinas de Pullally ponds and take in B&W new images.

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