Water and rocks

Water and rocks

These images that combines water and rocks were taken in different locations of Chile.

Previously I visited Las Siete Tazas which are a series of 7 small waterfalls creating 7 water bowls. We had a shiny day and harsh shadows, images came out with a high contrast, none that I liked.

This day it was overcast, and the light was soft, which allowed me to record the rocks and vegetation without shadows.

On this occasion we were having our vacations at Bahía Coique near Lake Ranco, at the South of Chile. I wanted to have a relaxed vacation, but was waiting confirmation to be selected for a post in Tunisia. Wifi was not known nor mobile data roaming either, every morning I went to check my emails on a village. One morning after reading emails, I went out scouting to a place I could see a faraway waterfall near Sichahue. Left the car at the bottom of the hill and started trekking. 

As I approached the waterfall, I discovered a patch without trees, from where I could see this delicate smaller waterfall. 

I used both types of  films: Color and Black and White, this I like best, that combines water and rocks.

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