Las 7 Tazas flow

Las 7 Tazas flow

The flow of water at Las 7 Tazas is another magic place to visit and take photographs.

Located South of Santiago is a national park in Curicó Province, Maule Region. Its full name is Radal Siete Tazas. Formed from a series of 7 small waterfalls cascading, creating 7 water bowls, which is the name in Spanish. The road is quite good, except the last few kilometers.

There is a camping site, however you have to arrive very early on a weekend or holiday, as its full. The best places are on forest adjacent to the river, which are on first come basis.

I have gone a few times with different light conditions. Many with strong harsh blew light, as we had full clear sky during our stays. Images came out with a high contrast and blue tint.

It was an overcast day, with soft light, which allowed me to record the rocks and vegetation without harsh shadows.

Having a large family, you can make trips to the same location with different sons without them complaining. In this occasion, I went with the youngest ones to Las 7 Tazas. Same as the previous image, I had Soft Lightcompared to a previous, which enabled me to obtain rich colors.

On all previous occasions that we made a trip to Las 7 Tazas  we could not visit all the waterfalls. This trip we stayed longer, so could visit all seven of them and capture Las 7 Tazas flow.

On our way to the last waterfall called El Salto de la Leona, the most distant, I found this plant.

It mimicked a pineapple, and the combination of colors was perfect to take an image, which my daughter loves.

The translation of “El Salto de la Leona” would be: The Jump of the Mountain Cougar.

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