Grey Lake sands

Grey Lake sands

As mentioned on a previous post, I went with my daughter to Torres del Paine National Park was able to take this image of Grey Lake sands.

Just before taking the boat that crosses Lago Grey up to Grey Glacier I was able to take this image. You can see the lake, at the far end the glacier and in the foreground, the sand beach.

I was told that the sand beach was created not long ago, around 2000 or earlier. Large group of icebergs floated from the glacier embanking the outflow of the lake, which started to collect sand.

The hotel had a docking for the boat that crosses the lake, so basically you would walk very little. Today you need to hike a large distance, cross a river over a hanging bridge, and walk through the sand beach towards the new docking place.

At that time, if I would have taken this image, the lake would be covering  the entire foreground. In 2004 I took an image of wild horses play on Grey Lake sands; it was 10PM photograph. Although we stayed at the Grey hotel and waited till dusk, the horses did not appear.

Sadly the glacier is shrinking at very fast pace.

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