Conguillío tree trunks in Black & White

Conguillío tree trunks in Black & White

These are images of the Conguillío National Park tree trunks converted to Black & White.

Walking through the forest towards Velo de la Novia waterfall, I found trees that nature had an effect on them. Think I translated in the past, Velo de la Novia would be Bridal Vail.

One had a huge hole in the middle where you could see through it, however the tree was still alive. By the diameter of the tree, I would expect that the tree survived many winters and a few volcanic eruptions. The Llaima Volcano is not far away, fortunately a small hill protects this zone from the lava stream. The following image shows a zone that did not have this luck.

The lava stream ran across 10 kilometers (6 miles), blocking a small creek that formed Laguna Arcoíris. This lagoon has in its basin many trees that were burned by the heat or volcanic ashes. The tree trunks remain at the bottom, but some slightly poke above water with a white mate color. This lagoon was formed 320 years ago; however, I am amazed that  these tree trunks have survived being under water.

Returning to the forest near Velo de la Novia, not having a compass, it is very difficult finding your location. When trying to find a signal for my phone when I saw this group of trees appealing to my senses. I took many images, but after developing them digitally I was not satisfied with the color photographs.

Only after converting them into Black & White, they represent what I felt of the Conguillío tree trunks

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