Unusual rain in January

Unusual rain in January

These are images of an unusual rain that occurred in January.

LrD111-0160For more than a week meteorology predicted that during the weekend we would have storms. This was very unusual, as in counted few occasions it rained during the first month of the year.


LrD111-0161As soon as it started raining the electricity went out for almost the entire weekend, however early yesterday Saturday morning after a long night thunderstorm, there was a blue clean sky.


LrD111-0189It would last a few hours, before the clouds would gather again and continue to pour water.


LrD111-0178Still under lockdown, as I was not able to travel, so my garden was the topic of my photography.


LrD111-0179The sharp light that was reaching was produced due to the water storm that washed away the pollution and dust.



Besides the many ponds of water formed after the earth saturated with the intense rain, I photographed my succulent garden. I had made a post of them a few weeks ago under Santa Gabriela Succulents.



LrD111-0182Although succulents have strong different colors, in this occasion, I am presenting surreal colors that my imagination saw at capture.


LrD111-0184With the lack of electricity, I had to work on different computers before the batteries exhausted. This made me compare the same image for web on an Apple Retina display versus a regular PC.


LrD111-0153Unfortunately, the beauty of the color combinations and composition can only be seen on the Mac or professional calibrated monitor.


LrD111-0153BThis unusual rain in January has raised the surrounding colors contrast, at least for a few days.


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