Clouds seen from above

Clouds seen from above

These images are memories from my frequent travel, where clouds were seen from above.

LrD033-0875B the flightThe pandemic locked me down for the last 10 months and wanted to share images I regularly saw while traveling.


LrD070-3225BThey are from different parts of the world, when I travelled during daytime. Some early mornings and others just before sunset, which have different luminosity.


LrD056-2218BI do not know the names of the clouds but do understand that they are called Cumulous. Some show the peace you feel traveling at high altitude, with the only rumbling of the turbines that I could hear. Others have the details of the terrain painted white by the snow, while still at low altitude.


LrD067-3026BWhen taking the images I had to place the lens to the window, avoiding registering any reflections.  Sometimes I used a blanket that gave total darkness around the lens eliminating the reflections.  


LrD056-2234BOlder airplane windows, if clean or not scratched, were good to take images. With newer airplane models the windows are covered with layers filtering some colors or incorporating colored banding into the pictures.


LrD059-2319BThese color bandings sometimes can be eliminated converting the images into black and white.


LrD097-5074BAll the images were converted into black and white giving the spectator the true feeling I had while watching them.


Hope soon travel restrictions are lifted so I can continue capturing registering clouds seen from above.

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