Clouds seen from below

Clouds seen from below

Last week I published images of clouds seen from above, today I am showing them from below.

These are images I took and can still take while the pandemic locks me down. They were taken from my garden or walking around my neighborhood. Like the images I shared on posts: Clouds Fireworks CarnivalCirrus Clouds at home, Cloud Formations or Clouds at home.

In this occasion, the color composition between blue and orange is complementing each other, like I never recorded before. It took me a few tests and paper to obtain the same color balance while printing.

Will continue to record the cloud formations that occur away from Santiago city, where the air is slightly cleaner. Although, due to Covid-19, there is less pollution, and the air is cleaner, at least I hear very few airplanes.

During this last year, I haven’t seen any Cirrus clouds as the ones I saw a few years ago. Which to me were a carnival of fireworks. They painted the sky very rapidly and went away very fast as well. In this case the images

Hope soon travel restrictions will be lifted, so I can travel to my favorite places where I excel my passion.

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