Spain in B&W

Spain in B&W

These are images of Spain in B&W.

Almost at the end of our trip through Spain we passed by the Embalse de Yesa, a water reservoir. The color of the water was turquoise and caught my attention, it was midafternoon, and we hadn’t had lunch. My wife wanted to get to our destination which was about an hour away; however at the end she agreed to wait a few minutes more while I took pictures.

On the last day we stopped at Elciego,  where there is a beautiful hotel that belongs to a winery. The building was designed by the architect who designed the Guggenheim Museum at Bilbao. Took images of the structure, as well as from the surrounding vineyards. The rooms are very special, food is excellent, and breakfast is an experience. On the top floor there is a library where you can read and have drinks.  This image merges two centuries of culture, with the modern building and old church.

As I took images with film, I had to wait a few weeks to get the rolls developed. Although the  color images came out with the colors I visualized, for this presentation I prefer these images of Spain in B&W version.

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