Tribërg and Schaffhausen

Tribërg and Schaffhausen

These are images of Tribërg and Schaffhausen.

For any photography outing, I do a thorough planning since I have little time to be at the location. You never know how the weather will behave, as well as how the light conditions will be. Today Internet made my life easier, although you have excess of data to look and select, which may distract you.

Initially, I have a vague idea of what I will be looking to photograph, maps with satellite images are excellent. It is only when I am on location that my eyes and emotions take the lead and start visualizing images. They stay in my mind until the film development is done, and the images are placed on the Light box. It is then when a thumb up or down will be then given before I scan them.

My wife and I were traveling by car through the Black Forest in the South of Germany going towards Zurich. I was looking for places with water where I could take photographs, when I saw a sign that said Wasserfall. I knew something interesting to see would be there, although I could be risking arriving late to the Rhine waterfall at Schaffhausen. The original plan was the Rhine waterfall  and didn’t want miss capturing them. Just drove to Tribërg as I had to stop at this place, used only B&W film at this location. 

Few hours later from Tribërg we arrived at Rhine Waterfall just in time before the good light would go away. The waterfall is very impressive when seen from the front side, but I decided to look around and found this view from the backside, which for me looked better.

This was my first large print on photographic paper on a size of 120×120 cm (47×47 inches).

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