Cloud fireworks carnival

Cloud fireworks carnival

I took the following tree images at home, in 2 different occasions, making a cloud fireworks carnival.

It was an early winter morning; I was working at home and received a call on my mobile. Where I live, the cellular signal is not very good due to the distance of the antenna and high trees blockage. I had to go outside to have a better signal reception. During the conversation, I noticed the strange forms of clouds that were painting with a white brush the blue sky canvas. They looked like sparks of fireworks being created in the sky.

I had to rush to end the conversation, ran inside, got my camera. It took me a few minutes, time in which the entire sky had changed from my initial view. It looks like a sky carnival. The images were all taken in color, but Black and White digital conversion honor the scene. The color layers hide certain details that are only seen when converted to B&W.

On a second occasion, taking a call outside, after seeing again the clouds I rushed to get my camera and made this different image. I named them a cloud fireworks carnival, as the the ice particles painted the sky.

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