I leave with you the Manifest of my journey as a photographer

Water, one of earths precious elements, without water there would be no life.

Since my early days as a photographer, I was captivated by the waters power to change, change itself and change what it touches, that is why; I made my goal to register the composition that water offer every instant of our life.

I celebrate the symphony of the intricate forms and designs created by water’s temperature and light. Each interaction births a unique spectacle, an ever-changing canvas.

No matter how many frames I seize of the same scene, each one remarks a new and captivating expression.

I honor the silence between clicks. It is in these moments of pause that the world speaks, sharing secrets that only patient observers have the privilege to hear and witness. I find poetry in monotony.

Each ripple, every reflection, is a performance orchestrated by nature itself, a fleeting masterpiece. Even in the simplest droplet, I recognize the universe’s divine design.

I have been immortalizing the essence of water through large prints, as an ode to its abundance, fragility, and irreplaceable presence. I render my images as an homage to water’s majestic existence.

Water becomes my muse, whispering stories of its travels, reflections, and the emotions it stirs in the hearts of those who pause to listen.

I share not only an image, but a soulful gaze. With every print, I strive to convey the emotion I felt —during the capture of each moment. Through my lens, I portray water’s vitality… also, its vulnerability, urging all to join hands in its preservation, as its fate —mirrors our own.

My camera is a keeper of time. Within its frame lies not just an image, but a reservoir of emotions and memories. Through my photography, I share the wisdom of water —of resilience, adaptability, and the power to shape and give life to the world.

With boundless vision and a heart brimming with gratitude, I embrace my journey as a water photographer.

So, I pledge to remain steadfast, capturing the ever-changing moment of water’s dance.

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