Branches at Coihuin

Branches at Coihuin

These are images of Branches at Coihuin small lake.

Vacationing to the Island of Chiloé, could be tricky as it’s always raining, and the view has a grey tint. This time we had blue sky, as it did not rain during the entire 14 days that we stayed. Was hoping to find a small waterfall, but found none. I went out scouting on a canoe on a small lake named Coihuin. I had to be very stable and careful not to flip and have to fish for the heavy and expensive photographic equipment.

On the opposite side of the lake I found these branches. I had a lot of trouble getting out of the canoe and trying to stand and walk. The rocks covered with algae were very slippery, but finally I made it, and took various images

These are color images with a blue tint, that I did not like very much, also the algae color did not combine in any form with the blue color. Finally I decided to convert them to B&W using Photoshop. The sunken branches at Coihuin, that have the combination of the white waves crossing the darker color of the branches, made a good composition. 

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