High altitude clouds

High altitude clouds

You constantly see high altitude clouds when you live at La Paz.

Since very young I was accustomed to have a sunny and rainy day in just a couple of hours. From strong thunder that echo through the different valleys and canyon of La Paz basin.

Flashes and lightning that proceed the thunder, illuminating the bedroom lit by a candle, as electricity went out. Streets that become brown colored rivers and dry land after just a couple of hours of a pouring rain.

The multicolor clay mountains of La Paz are enhanced after each rain, especially on summertime. The clean air of the altitude gives a sharp and crisp colorful scenery.

All the above is paired with clouds, that are painted by the dawn or sunset light. Every sunset can produce a huge collection of images, many of them totally different.

High altitude clouds were published before; however, I have re-scanned and used a different editor. Much information was hidden on the film that I was able to bring to life.

Images from home

I took these images close to our house at Pamir PampaBolivia. Captured one year earlier the center image. Enhanced colors of the clouds and dark the blue skys are due to high altitude (3500 meters) and clean air. 

They were all taken in close to our house at Pamir PampaBolivia. The center image was one captured one year earlier. The high altitude (3500 meters) gives the clean air that enhances colors of the clouds and darkens the blue sky.

I had to wait in the winter cold, from sunset to dusk to get these images; leaving the camera on a tripod and the batteries in my pocket. The cold weather would exhaust the battery life.

I used a film camera, so didn’t know the outcome until I collect them from the lab. Measuring different points of luminosity to get the average settings, that will give the correct measurement.

I miss these high altitude clouds.

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