Fundo la Cascada

Fundo la Cascada

Images of Fundo la Cascada

We were on holidays, and as usual I left a day to do my photography. I went to a place near Lago Ranco, called Fundo la Cascada (upstream from the Caunahue river). I heard there was a waterfall, that I wanted to visit and take images.

We left early from Bahía Coique where we were staying and arrived mid morning.

My friend Diego came along; he patiently waited at each stop while I took the photographs. That night had rained or possibly early morning, so colors were saturated.

We were driving towards the waterfall when I saw the Water drops on the adjacent  trees. Stopped the car and rushed to place my tripod and start taking pictures, before the wind would blow them.

It would take a few weeks until I returned to Santiago that was able to see the images I had taken, just before traveling to work a couple of month in Hong Kong. When I returned from Asia, I was able to scan the images I had taken and prepare for my next exhibit. This last image is on my studio on a 120 x 120 centimeters (47 x 47 inches) in size.

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