Lago Ranco outing

Lago Ranco outing

These are images of Lago Ranco outing.

We were on holidays, and as usual I left a day to do my photography. I went to a place near Lago Ranco, called Fundo la Cascada (upstream from the Caunahue river). You could see from the road a waterfall, and had to walk through the river  to get to it. River was full of large rocks and difficult to walk. Close to the waterfall here was a lot of mist, making it very difficult to move around. Finally was able to set the tripod, took out my jacket to cover the camera, this difficulty allowed met to only take two rolls of film

During the evening while having drinks at the lodge from the bar balcony I saw this water box. Rushed to our cabin a block away to get my equipment and started taking photographs. I learned later that my friends were laughing, because of the position I was standing in order to take the image.

It was vertical image from above while hiding the shadows of my feet and tripod legs. It was made the following evening to 0655-08, affect having the long walk of our Lago Ranco outing towards Fundo La Cascada.

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