Montesinho water

Montesinho water

These are images of Parque Natural Montesinho water flows.

After visiting Manteigas and the Poço do Inferno waterfall, we were travelling North. We planned to cross the border of Portugal  and Spain  near the town of Bragança. On our trip planning I discovered that there was a national park of Parque Natural de Montesinho, where I could take water images.

However I was disappointed, as I learned that at the Parque Natural de Montesinho  it was most likely not to find waterfalls. At least that were close to the road, as I did not have time to do hikking. In addition, the weather was changing and dark clouds were gathering that darkened the narrow road shaded by trees, which could bring snow at the mountain pass. We did not have wheel chains to drive on an icy road. The GPS indicated a nearby small creek, when passing over the bridge a saw the water composing this special seen.

Crawled under the bridge and set up the equipment, covering it with my jacket, as thick water drops were falling. Fortunately the light was good enough to take many images which I am sharing a few of the Montesinho water flows.

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