Grey Lake and glacier shapes

Grey Lake and glacier shapes

These are images of Grey Lake and glacier shapes

On the ship to the glacier through the Grey Lake, the strong winds produced large waves that struck the ship’s front windows. I placed my tripod, got the camera and started shooting. However, all the tourists in the boat looked at me with curiosity.

On an exhibit made in Santiago, I  enlarged these images to 110×110 centimeters (43×43 inches) and paired on the  displayed. I had to put both images together, each one needed the other to express themselves.

While we were traveling, I saw forms being filed and asked what was this about, they told me that it was to do a hike on the glacier. I would soon be filling them as well.

After our journey through Grey Lake and during a hike over the Grey Glacier, waiting for the rest of the group to arrive to where I was taking photographs, I visualized these glacier shapes.

Took images from many angles, this is the one I liked best. At the day end we returned to the ship where we drank Scotch Whisky with the famous glacier ice. Curiously it had a similar shape to what I had visualized during my trek that morning.

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