More from La Parva

More from La Parva

These are more color images from La Parva, which I published on the post: “La Parva Road Ice”  on July 8th, 2018.

I have gone to this location to take images in 4 opportunities, always obtaining different images. It is a small creek not far away from the ski resort parking area, so it is simple to get. Lately it has snowed very little, so the white vast blankets are just white patches, in some cases. In addition to cold day you have very warm days in the middle of the winter, which melts the snow.

 The melting leaves water running on the ground that freezes at night. Water is always in constant movement, but the sub-zero temperatures will force her to take a shape. She will adapt to the surroundings and create always a dissimilar image.

The other factor involved is how fast does the cold temperature arrives, as well as how cold. The wind sometimes is also involved, modeling as well as bringing the cold temperatures at a faster pace. The same happens with the snow hexagonal crystals that none are the same.

Hope to return next winter when travel restrictions are lifted to make more photographs from La Parva ice road.

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