Before Framing

Before Framing

Taking care of your prints before framing.

In the realm of photograph printing, a diverse range of paper options exists, their suitability contingent upon quality standards that facilitate the retention of colors and images for a remarkable span of up to 100 years.

These papers are categorized into two distinct formats:

  1. Photographic Papers – Chemically Developed: These papers undergo chemical development to reveal their latent images.
  2. Papers for Inkjet Printers: Within this category of fine art papers, the following types are notable:
  • Cotton Rag
  • Alpha-Cellulose
  • Plant Fiber

Notably, these papers are acid-free, a critical attribute given that acidic content is a prime catalyst for photograph deterioration, manifesting as a discoloration over time.

In the case of photographic papers, even with the inclusion of a photo flow wash after the final fixation step, thorough washing is imperative. Regrettably, this process consumes a substantial volume of water, raising environmental concerns.

For optimal outcomes with both inkjet printing paper and photographic prints, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Handle the paper using cotton gloves, readily obtainable from most photography or art supply stores.
  2. Store your materials in boxes tailored to the dimensions of the photographs. In practice, cover the entire image area with a layer of glassine paper—an exceedingly thin, smooth, acid-free material. This safeguards the image from potential abrasion originating from adjacent photographs. 

The glassine cover is particularly beneficial for large prints that necessitate rolling during transportation. 

To secure the glassine cover in place, I utilize a small quantity of acid-free adhesive tape.

Finally for photographers signing their work, whether on the front or the back, it is advised to employ an archival ink pen. 

By meticulously adhering to these recommendations, you fortify the longevity and integrity of your photographic prints.

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