Tiergarten water mirror pond

Tiergarten water mirror pond

These are images of a Tiergarten water mirror pond taken during our trip to Iceland.

We were walking around the streets of Berlin, and saw may people riding on a bike. It took us some time to find a rental place. It was a small hotel close to the Berlin Zoo. After a long registry and waiting for some other bikers to return them, we started our journey. It was a while I hadn’t ride on a bike and remembered the freedom and speed you can attain.

We decided to ride through a park that could be seen close by. While most people take images of the landmarks, I prefer to look into the details. During the ride I found these perfect water mirror images on a small pond, at Tiergarten; name that I later learned.

It gives a blurred image of the surrounding mixed with the floating leaves over the water. As we went just for a walk, I did not take my tripod on this occasion and had to stand very still not to blur it further. Some of my images came out blurry and unusable.

The peacefulness and beauty of Tiergarten could contrast with what was left of this place 1945.

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