Patagonia with infrared

Patagonia with infrared

Images of Patagonia with infrared.

During our visit last year to Patagonia, as mentioned before on post Laguna Sofía at Patagonia, we visited  Laguna Sofia, where I tested different films. The following set of 3 images were taken with infrared film.

This is a mixture of clouds and vegetation.

To obtain the ghost white look, you must use an infrared filter that filters visible light except the infrared spectrum. This filter is very dark red, and you can almost not see any details if it is not sunny. In this case I used the 695nm infrared filter and had to add 4 stops to the exposure settings. Even so, I was short on the exposure, which needed to adjust in the digital darkroom.

On infrared images, sky becomes black and does contrast with the vegetation displayed with a white color.

These trees were all green on the color image, but have the show white tainting, representing the Patagonia with infrared that I wanted to display. They look like covered with snow.

Infrared film is difficult to find around the world, and besides a few providers, they will have to forward the film by mail or a courier, which will pass through X-rays, with the possibility to be ruined. Today you can adjust your digital camera to to take infrared images only.

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