Colors from Saint-Rémy

Colors from Saint-Rémy

These are images representing colors from Saint-Rémy.

In a previous post, Tree Deformation, I published images taken with my iPhone during my last trip to Portugal, Spain and France. I have now developed the film, both color and B&W.

Will slowly start sharing them, as each image needs to be scanned, which takes about 30 minutes per image. I also have a long process to clean all the dust particles that always stick to the film, enlarged look as rocks. This cleaning process can take a long time, specially with Black and White film.

I printed this image on a Lambda printing machine using Fujiflex Crystal Archive silver halide photographic paper.

In front of my office, I have placed the of 120×120 centimeters (44 x 44 inches) print.

Today I am publishing images taken at Saint-Rémy in France. The quality of the light  in the South of France is amazing, this comment was made by Vincent Van Gogh. He made the comment in one his letter while living in this town at the asylum, which is fact is 50 yards from where I took these images. Yes, I can say that the colors reflecting by the light from Saint-Rémy are impressive.

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