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Glaciers are shrinking or vanishing like the #glacier in La Paz, Bolivia, where I made in 1989 an impressive image of the #ice cave called “Grutas de Zongo”, today dusty rocks are the only remaining.

I wanted to take new images of ice caves and remembered seeing an article of caves in #Iceland. Early in that morning I started checking Internet: the location of the caves, when to visit, if my available millage would take my wife and I to #Breiðamerkurjökull, as well as hotel millage. By the end of the day I had air tickets, hotel booking, rental car and tour guide to walk in the caves.

Nine months later I would be stepping into the airplane door and a week later, walking with crampons in the cave. I took my faithful #Rollei 6006 #film camera as well as a #Sony A7R. Made many images with both cameras, until the Rollei due to the extreme cold, had a malfunction, that destroyed its mechanism forever.

These are some of the images I took at the ice cave.

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