Oil and water

Oil and water

Image with my iPhone of oil and water.

44 years had passed since I left school, we had a 3 day gathering at a very nice resort. Los Tucanes at Villa Tunari, that one of our school mates owned and had blocked it for all of us. I was glad that I had a long weekend holiday, so I could participate. Some of my friends I hadn’t seen them since I left school.

After a heavy Tequila night, a small group of us went out walking to a nearby river. We were hoping to perspire the alcohol and be ready for the next round. After an hour on a hot a humid environment we arrived at a very nice creek. It that had crystal clear water. I made a few images with my phone. The oil marks, which were left by a car that had just crossed it. Finally as the heat was consuming us, we all got into the water dressed up.

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