Strange pollution at Hilton Head

Strange pollution at Hilton Head

These are images of a strange pollution I found at Hilton Head Island.

Further to my post Hilton Head Island Jellyfish, I am publishing images taken on another side of the Island.

The weather was still cloudy, so had low contrast, we were at the Historic Mitchelville Freedom park. This park commemorates the first site where people born into slavery became free in the USA. There are small constructions that reminisce what happened at that time.

At the end of the park you arrive to the beach where the wetland meets the sea. I found a small stream of running water, but some had dark colors. When I approached, found a dark blue color liquid, it could be ink, paint or some type of oil.

The combination was interesting and made a few images, however when I developed the RAW images, they came out dull. Last week using a different digital RAW developer I was able to obtain colors that were registered in my mind. NIK Collection software enhanced the blue color and the images that I printed in Hahnemühle Metallic paper came out superb.

I will never know it the strange blue color I found at Hilton Head Island was pollution or something else.

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