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Yosemite landmark seen different

Jeffry Tree at Yosemite - 0534-09Jeffry Tree at Yosemite  with infrared film - 0533-06Jeffry Tree Yosemite landmark seen differently - 0534-02

These images give a Yosemite landmark seen different, of what you would expect.

Had travelled once before to #Yosemite middle of winter, expecting to have beautiful snow covered trees giving as Ansel Adams images. I was very disappointed because it snowed very little, so the scenery was dull. Some of the roads were closed due to the ice, so I was only able to make a few photographs.

On my second trip to Yosemite, taking my 5 of children, I had to balance the vacation with my photography. We had rented a house in a small village which is within the park, called Cozy Bear. My children expected to see bears, but it was winter

I wanted to take pictures of the #Bridalveil Fall, but it was full of visitors like us. Had taken a large quantity of #film#color#Black and White and #infrared, which miraculously pass the x-rays without damage.

I would have loved to take photographs with #snow, but it was still autumn, so I only had blue sky, rocks and green leaves.

While driving I saw a sign towards  #Sentinel Dome where #Ansel Adams had photographed the #Jeffrey Pine years earlier. When I arrived, I sadly discovered that the #tree had died some time ago. 
Although I focus mostly on images of #Water, impressed with the dramatic scene, anyway, I took a series of photographs. Used all three types of film, being definitely black and white scene, and the infrared film that excelled.

On the center image I used B&W infrared film, which gave a slight glow around it and a dark sky. This is my way of showing a beautiful  Yosemite landmark seen different.

Post Covid-19, I am planning to visit next winter this marvelous and enchanting place in the near future.

0534-09 – 0533-06 – 0534-02