Torres del Paine dawn

Torres del Paine dawn

This are images of Torres del Paine dawn, that enlightened me when I woke. 

We stayed at the far end of the park where you see the mountain range and the famous Paine towers. Had been taking photographs of the stars the night before, so all my equipment was set and mounted.  I woke up at dawn, when the sun’s penumbra begins to paint the clouds.

Given the strong winds I had to take the pictures from the inside of our bedroom. Opening the window and the camera sounds (Rollei 6006 is noisier than just a click), this woke up my wife! Although I had tried to lower the noise covering with a towel combined with the wind whistling made it worst. My friends that have heard me using the camera called her the Locomotive. Many cameras today are noiseless, and you have to set them to give you a sound when it has taken an image.

This was the last image I was able to make with the open window of Torres del Paine dawn, before I was forced to close it. The wind that entered the bedroom lowered the comfortable temperature that we had when I got out of bed. This was and additional point of strong conversation.

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